Jag ser dig

Premiär 8 april 2022
På Lokstallarna i Karlshamn


26 mars – 2 oktober 2022
Norrköpings Konstmuseum

Från och med nu

Urpremiär 30 mars 2021
Nypremiär 29 sept 2021


Töllstorps industrimuseum Gnosjö – Film: DÅ
Premiär 18 sept 2021


Åsenhöga Ödekyrkogård Gnosjö – Film: SEN
Premiär 18 sept 2021


Store Mosse Gnosjö – Film: NU
Premiär 18 sept 2021

Trace Element

Premiere Nov 7 2018

Extended – what memories remain of the dance?

A new solo by and with the choreographer Helena Franzén

Franzén dives deeply into a soloist work with the piece Extended, this time also as a dancer, “it is now or never” as she says. She continues her exploration around themes of time, sensory experience and the human memory. Is it possible to reclaim and gain ownership of a physical memory?

Extended is a retrospective solo, where memories from the past and present are merged and reinterpreted. Movement fragments appear and resurface, tracks and phrases once lost are rediscovered and form new physical sensations.

Together with Håkan Jelk’s projections and composer Jukka Rintamäki’s melancholy soundscapes, different meditative states are created, where humanity, choreography and nature exist on equal terms.

The solo Extended consists of a room within a room, a mobile stage constructed as a three-sided box of wood, where Helena dances framed by Håkan Jelk’s projections. 

Projections that reflect exposed, rugged landscapes, fragments from Franzén’s and Jelk’s travels to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. Here the artificiality of technology interacts with the human body and the natural world. 

The work allows the viewer an opportunity to approach the dance, sharpen their senses and physically experience the various delicate shifts and moods created by the music and images.

Extended is a celebration of the intelligence of the body and an offer of a mental space away from all the noise.

Choreography and dance: Helena Franzén
Music: Jukka Rintamäki
Costume: Helena Franzén / Tailoring company LiLaRo
Set-design: Håkan Jelk
Projections and photos: Håkan Jelk

Happy Hour

“Dear Helena Franzén and Håkan Jelk,
Congratulations! We are happy to let you know that your film Happy Hour has been selected for screening at Loikka, Finland’s annual dance film festival, next held in Helsinki April 5th to 8th, 2018.”

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