Helena is currently teaching at The Swedish Ballet School, The Ballet Academy/ Stockholm, The University of Dance and Circus/ DOCH in Stockholm and professional classes at Danscentrum/Stockholm.

She also teaches technique classes with the Cullberg Ballet, Skånes Dansteater, Dansehallerna/ Copenhagen, Tanz Braunshweig, The GöteborgsOperans Danskompani among others.

The Breathing Body  

Technique class description
Helena Franzén´s technique class is release based and the fokus is to making the body available, finding an ease and efficient way of moving.

Floor exercises and inspiration of yoga are methods to find the center, the flexibility and the strenght of the body. We are working on the importance of the breath, creating a sensitive mind together with the body.

The warm-up is a preparation to a longer phrase material where different dynamics, articulation, awareness of the space and musicality is exposed and clarified.

Physical challenges of covering space are encouraged.

Up-coming classes:

Proffessional morning class
6-9 oktober 10.00-11. 30

Danscentrum Stockholm

13 nov – 7 dec
Repertoir/ improvisation
Balettakademien, Stockholm

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