Strange Birds

The choreographer Helena Franzén and and the cinematographer Håkan Jelk have collaborated since 2011. Their work inhabits the middle ground between the photographic and the filmic. In their work they emphasize the relationship of space and time of the physical body with a distinct minimalist aestetic.
Franzén/Jelk turn the viewer´s attention to the subjective and the human, to create new ways of experiencing dance through the filmmedia.

Strange Birds – 2018

There are lots of things that we cannot explain- and yet they happen… Strange Birds is a danced roadmovie with two lonely men that happen to meet in a frosty landscape.
How did they end up there and do they dare to meet within a tango?
About things that happen without any reason but grows to something greater,

Choreography: Helena Franzén
Cinematographer: Håkan Jelk
Costume: Helena Franzén
Music: Jukka Rintamäki
Dancers: Ossi Niskala, Ville Oinonen

Leaving – 2018

Leaving – commissioned work by Norrdans
Leaving is a film about a recognizable state of mind about leaving; a house, a friend, a time in life, a special place…
As an extended farewell with highlights of intimacy and closeness.
The dancers embody their own physical experience of leaving there home.
What remains when we leave a place for good?

Choreography: Helena Franzén
Cinematographer: Håkan Jelk
Costume: Katarina Wiklund
Music: Jukka Rintamäki
Dancers: Norrdans


Happy Hour – 2017

A lonely woman at a motel,
The rain is pouring .
A telephone call that fails to connect
Who is she waiting for? 

”Happy Hour” is a film about ordinary misunderstandings in human communications. About beIng out of time  with the world around you.  Maybe the final comfort is to express yourself through the dancing body?

Choreography and dance: Helena Franzén
Director: Helena Franzén and Håkan Jelk
Cinematographer: Håkan Jelk
Production: Franzen&Jelk
Recorded in Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA 2016


Black Island – 2015

It´s actually impossible. But we are trying anyway. The dance is an endless movement, also in the moment when everything seems to be still. Time is progressing. The body is shifting to the next moment. The state of mind is changing. The space is not the same anymore. We try again.

Tammi – 2016

TAMMI – a Boy a Man and a Tree
A dance film by Helena Franzén and Håkan Jelk

A boy is approaching a giant tree and he meets with the tree master. 
Is he going to succeed to climb the tree, making his way to conquer it?

Tammi is a dance film about growing through friendship, meeting with a grown up version of yourself. The boy and the man are both learning from each other through playing, deepening their friendship. The tree becomes their own world.
Tammi is a tribute to the inner intelligence of the body and its power to bring human beings together, creating a language of its own.
Tammi is a collaboration with the choreographer Helena Franzén, the photographer Håkan Jelk and the dancer Ville Oinonen.

choreography: Helena Franzén
the man: Ville Oinonen
the boy: Leino Taulu
cinematographer: Håkan Jelk
Recorded in Tammerfors 2016.
Premiered at Dance Current – Contemporary Dance Festival, Tampere 2017

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