Premiere March 23-24 2017, NorrlandsOperan Umeå
March 29-31, Dieselverkstaden Nacka, Stockholm

Remembering that which never happened.

Perhaps our memories are a kind of time machine that marks our mortality, a window into a previous life, or a future one. Our time is obsessed with memory, collecting and documenting ourselves. We make every effort to secure our own existence. Our subjective memories are constantly reinterpreted and edited. So, what remains of the time capsules of memories that we all carry with us?

Can we equate our ability to remember with our ability to forget – as the same kind of survival mechanism? Dance is created in the moment and disappears as quickly, so what remains? The phenomenon is similar to human memory, which in the same way is always in the present, as it is restructured and edited.

Helena Franzén continues her investigation into the existential theme of man’s approach to the limitation of time. After reading “Living, Thinking, Looking” by Siri Hustvedt many questions arose for her around the abilities and limitation of human memory. How and why do we remember? What do we choose to remember and what remains after we are gone? What does it mean to have a body memory? Can we remember that which has not yet happened?

The six dancers interpret Franzén´s finely tuned movement language in an intimate performance where resonance and rhythm are put into focus, and a unique physical landscape emerges. The audience enters a kind of borderland where the dividing line between inside and outside, whole and part, myself and other constantly changes.

Jukka Rintamäki once again composes the music for Franzén, and this time the instrumentation consists of an analogue synth, drums and echoes. In the music the echo, repetition and distortions of phrases form a fundamental theme. The music remains for a while, to then slowly fade out and disappear – What´s left behind…

Together with Markus Granqvist´s light design and Håkan Jelk´s video projections, suggestive moods are built that are at turns ambiguous, dreamlike and floating.

Helena Franzén´s latest piece What´s left behind is like a well-balanced summary of her choreography, almost a mini retrospective”
”If there is any choreographer that has succeeded in creating a state of mind, or an unmistakable mood in her work, which she often returns to, it is Franzén.”

”a quiet exploration, a work whose intellectual reverberations are clear and strong”

”A strong cohesive work where the skill and expressiveness of the six dancers become something to remember long after the applause have faded”


Choreography: Helena Franzén
Dancers: Katarina Eriksson, Joel Fritzon, Åsa Lundvik Gustavson, David Norsworthy, Elizaveta Penkova, Patricia Saliba.
Music: Jukka Rintamäki. Musicians: Daniel Hedin Trombone, NorrlandsOperans Symphony Orchestra
Light design: Markus Granqvist
Costume: Helena Franzén
Video projections: Håkan Jelk
Producer: Lena Uhlander

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