About the pleasure of losing control and seeking the intangible – daring to do what you do not usually do: “It´s better to burn out than to fade away…” (Neil Young)

Helena Franzén is a movement based Swedish choreographer, obsessed by the details of the movement and the intelligence and the poetry of the body itself.

For her new creation Slipping Through My Fingers, Helena Franzén is inspired by the movie Gerry by Gus Van Sant. In the movie, two friends meet for a Sunday hike in a national park. Slowly their walk in the vast sandy desert transforms from a hike into a physically challenging struggle for survival. 

This theme of one given position taking new, unexpected turns, is recurrent in Franzén’s work. Movements are constantly tested and given new scope. Limitations and rules are put up for the dancers

Slipping Trough My Fingers is a piece for 5 dancers and a stage a minimum 10×10 m. The premiere will take place at Dansens hus (Stockholm) main stage in Sep 28, 2012,

The dancers involved in the project are Katarina Eriksson, Aleksandra Sende, Elisaveta Penkova, Moa Westerlund and Helena Franzén herself. As dancers, they all possess a great personal presence in their expression and are all creators in the process.

Over the years Helena Franzén has had many fruitful collaborations with musicians from the pop- and rock scene. In Slipping Through My Fingers she will once again work with the composer Jukka Rintamäki. They work very closely together to find a mutual voice of the piece. This time they alsp invited the musician Johan Skugge to join Jukka in composing but also performing live on stage,

The production Slipping Throught My Fingers is part of Modul-Dance 2012-2013. Helena Franzén has enjoyed a periode of research at Duncan Dance Center in Athens and a residency with her crew at DeVir/CAPa. Dansens hus in Stockholm is our partner of production and presentation.

Choreography: Helena Franzén
Music:Jukka Rintamäki, Johan Skugge
Dancers: Katarina Eriksson, Helena Franzén, Aleksandra Sende, Elisaveta Penkova, Moa Westerlund
Costumedesign: Katarina Wiklund
Lighdesign : Markus Granqvist
Photo: Bengt Wanselius

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