The Duo Experience

Helena gives the workshop The Duo Experience as one week and also two weeks. In the workshop we will follow and commit to one partner and stay with the same partner during the whole week.  We will slowly develope an intimate physical dialogue and deeper understanding what it is to move together with another body.

In the workshop we are dealing with the physical interpretation of a repertoir material and what happens in the transmission when the dancer is trying to understand the qualities and the nature of the movement language.

We ask questions about how you can get closer to the understanding of the physicality. What is it to really understand a movent within the dancer?.

We start froma a specific solo material and challenge ourselves, trying different methods how to approach unfamiliar movements, how to take charge and finally how to give in to the movement.

How can we communicate with another interpretator that knows the same dance material? In the interpretation of the solo material we discover new layers of awerness, getting senible to the constant change of the body knowledge. ”We will find ways to move time relationally as we create space, and move space as we create time” (Erin Manning).

Above all, the workshop encourages to take risks in the body and mind. A tribute to pure delight of the dancing body!

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