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Workshops with Helena Franzén

Embodied awareness

In the workshop we are dealing with the physical interpretation of a set specific repertoire material. We start from a given solo material, focusing on different methods how to approach it, how to identify new layers of understanding-how to embody a movement within a dancer

During the workshop we ask questions how to trace the imaginative, spacious and energy- filled body.

How does the movement material speak to your sensory body? What happens in the transmission when the dancer is trying to perceive the qualities of a specific movement language? In the practice we embrace details in qualities, how to take charge and finally how to give in to the sensory intelligence provided by the body as a whole.

The second half of the workshop the solo material is going to be translated and explored into duos. How can we communicate with another dancer that knows the same movement material? In building the duos we discover new possibilities in the interpretation of the movement vocabulary.

Above all, the workshop encourages taking risks in body and in mind- to discover new layers of consciousness and physical articulation.

A tribute to pure delight of the dancing body! 

“A foot that smiles, a hand that can weep- well, the dance is not only an art of time and space, it also is the art of the consciously lived and fulfilled moment, not different in the studio from onstage”
Mary Wigman

Class on-line

The Duo Experience

The Duo Experience is a 3-5 days workshop

The Duo Experience invites you to focus on ”Always, Already Here” We will spend valuable time together and give full attention to what it is like to dance with someone. Near.

During this workshop, we will examine all possible relationships between two bodies, About time and the space’s change of a predetermined structure.

We will start from a longer set movement material. In working with this, we find methods to deepen our understanding of an already given composition and structure. Through another body, we orient ourselves and examine the given movement material, we try and reinterpret. The workshop opens for opportunities to develop new physical dialogues based on specific physical parameters.

We will find ways to move time relationally as we create space, and move space as we create time
Erin Manning

About the workshop

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